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Pack Creek Bear Viewing
Pack Creek Bear Viewing
The Pack Creek Bear Sanctuary, on the eastern shore of Admiralty Island is one of Southeast Alaska‚Äôs best kept secrets, and provides visitors an unprecedented opportunity to view brown bears close-up. A 25-minute floatplane ride from Juneau is all it takes to explore the Fortress of the Bears and view these amazing animals in their natural surroundings. GET MORE INFO »

DeHavilland Beaver

The quintessential Alaska bush plane, the DeHavilland Beaver occupies a seat of honor in the annals of aviation history.  Perhaps no other airplane ever built has seen such a long career, and proven to be as indispensable today as it was when developed over 65 years ago.

The sturdily-built Beaver was designed to carry a lot of weight and operate effectively on either wheels or floats.  Alaska Seaplanes' Beavers all operate on straight floats in the summer for maximum payload, and amphibious floats in the winter for optimum flexibility.  All our Beavers have advanced Capstone avionics packages with ADS-B real-time positioning capability.
With an ample useful load and the ability to carry up to six passengers, our Beavers are the perfect airplane for ferrying you to wilderness camping destinations—remote lakes, Forest Service cabins, islands and rivers. 
To charter one of these unique airplanes, give us a call at (907) by Jim Beedle