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Reservations available to Book online for travel through August of 2017
Book your 2017 Travel Now!!!
Book your 2017 Travel Now!!!
Plan your travel for 2017. Flight Schedules through August 2017 are available on the drop down menu on the tool bar. And when you're ready to book, just choose your Origin, Destination, date of travel (USE CALENDAR OPTION) and number of passengers. Don't forget to select the Round-trip or One-way button. This will show you the flights for your date of travel and give you the lowest fare available. If you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call at 907-789-3331 between 7:00am and 5:00pm AST. Thanks for finding us and we look forward to meeting you when you fly!


The town of Pelican is nestled deep in Lisianski Inlet, a narrow fjord carved by glaciers between the towering snow-capped mountains of Yakobi and Chichagof Islands.  The route by float plane to Pelican is one of the most scenic in Southeast Alaska, passing over sheltered coves, alongside alpine slopes and finally descending into the Inlet with its rafts of otters and the occasional orca pod.

Pelican is world famous for being “closest to the fish,” as the open ocean lays just at the end of the Inlet.  With the abundant halibut and salmon fishing grounds right outside of town, fishermen can enjoy immediate fishing without the time-consuming hours and hours of motoring required to reach the fish up North. 

The town itself is built out over the Inlet, much of it on piling, with a wooden boardwalk running right down the center.  A number of seasoned fishing guides are available in Pelican from world-class full service lodges to day-trip boats.  If you want to fish, Pelican can match any itinerary or budget.  See our listing of lodges and guides for more information.

If salmon or halibut fishing isn’t your thing, there are plenty of other activities to be found in Pelican, like whale watching, kayak rentals and hiking trails.  If you are adventure-bound, rent a boat out to the White Sulfur Hot Springs—a remote natural hot spring set on the edge of the Pacific Ocean.  Or, hitch a ride with Alaska Seaplanes up to one of the high alpine lakes outside of town.  There are several US Forest Service cabins within a short flight from Pelican.

For a great hot meal, stop in to the Lisianski Inlet Café.  Vic and Karen make the best burgers west of Chatham Strait.  Afterwards you can stroll down the boardwalk to the world famous Rose’ Bar and Grill. 

Whether you’re a hard core fisherman, naturalist, or just looking for tranquility and one of the most dramatic settings in Alaska, Pelican has something for everyone.  Email us at or give us a call at (907) 789-3331 to book your trip to Pelican today!