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Reservations available to Book online for travel through August of 2017
Book your 2017 Travel Now!!!
Book your 2017 Travel Now!!!
Plan your travel for 2017. Flight Schedules through August 2017 are available on the drop down menu on the tool bar. And when you're ready to book, just choose your Origin, Destination, date of travel (USE CALENDAR OPTION) and number of passengers. Don't forget to select the Round-trip or One-way button. This will show you the flights for your date of travel and give you the lowest fare available. If you can't find what you're looking for, give us a call at 907-789-3331 between 7:00am and 5:00pm AST. Thanks for finding us and we look forward to meeting you when you fly!

Current Cargo Business Hours:  7:00am - 5:00pm

Cargo/Freight inquiries: (907) 789-3331 ext. 2     *Please have AIRBILL number available for freight inquiries*


Mailing Address:
Alaska Seaplanes
8907 Yandukin Dr.
Juneau, AK 99801

Physical Address
Juneau International Airport
1873 Shell Simmons Dr. Suite 110
Juneau AK 99801

Cargo Rates

Rates as of March 1, 2016:
City Pair Price per pound Minimum
Angoon/Juneau 0.80 $15 up to 17 lbs
Tenakee/Juneau 0.75 $15 up to 18 lbs
Pelican/Juneau 0.90 $15 up to 15 lbs
Elfin Cove/Juneau 0.90 $15 up to 15 lbs
Skagway/Juneau 0.60 $11 up to 17 lbs
Haines/Juneau 0.55 $11 up to 18 lbs
Gustavus/Juneau 0.45 $11 up to 23 lbs
Hoonah/Juneau 0.45 $11 up to 23 lbs
Excursion Inlet/Juneau 0.45 $11 up to 23 lbs
Kake/Juneau 0.55 $11 up to 18 lbs
Sitka/Juneau 0.80 $15 up to 17 lbs
Haines/Skagway 0.55 $11 up to 18 lbs
Kake/Sitka 0.55 $11 up to 18 lbs

Extra Freight Charges:

Dimensional weight:     for large items you may be charged a dimensional weight.  Length x width x height (in inches) divided by 150 equals chargeable weight.

Single piece Heavy Freight:
                                  Wheels        Floats
51-70   pounds                                $20
71-100 pounds           $25            $25
101+    pounds             $35            $35

Hazardous Material Fee:
Proper paperwork filled out correctly    $25
No paperwork or incorrect paperwork   not accepted

Unaccompanied Animal Fee:     as freight        $25
                                                   (as baggage     treated as part of your baggage allowance)

All Animals (except registered Service Animals) must be transported in approved Kennels provided by the customer.  Alaska Seaplanes no longer has kennels available for use by customers.