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Join Alaska Seaplanes loyalty program where you can fly and earn rewards toward free flights to any of our scheduled destinations.


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Have a question about Higher Flyer Rewards? Email here rewards@flyalaskaseaplanes.com

Benefits to the Higher Flyer Rewards program is defined below. There are no exceptions to these conditions of membership except for those set out in this document. Alaska Seaplanes reserves the right to interpret and apply these conditions of membership in its sole discretion. Our Higher Flyer Rewards program may be modified or cancelled by Alaska Seaplanes at any time.


Individuals may join our rewards program online, through the link on our Higher Flyer Rewards page as seen here, or through any other means we have sent either via email or other means as intended for such purpose. To sign up for our rewards program, each individual needs to provide his/her name, address, phone number, email address and a birth date. Customers will be asked to verify their information any time such information is requested for the purpose of confidentiality.

Organizations or other entities are not eligible to enroll this program. There are no group or family memberships; each individual must enroll separately and will be issued separate membership codes.Travel agents, travel arrangers, and unauthorized brokers may not create or manage customer profiles or manage rewards for others.

If Alaska Seaplanes becomes aware that there has been any misuse of the program in any way, in its sole discretion, we may choose to cancel any transaction and or membership in the program.

Earning Higher Flyer Rewards

  • 10 one way tickets = FREE one way confirmed space ticket to any of our scheduled destinations.
  • Promotional discounts awarded by Alaska Seaplanes are considered eligible for use with earning rewards.
  • You can book online or over the phone and earn rewards to any of our scheduled destinations.
  • You can book your earned rewards travel for anyone you choose.
  • To redeem your Higher Flyer Rewards ticket, please email your request to: rewards@flyalaskaseaplanes.com and allow 48 hours to process.

Terms and Conditions

  • Rewards are earned by and credited to the individual flying who has provided his/her rewards code, regardless of who has purchased the travel on which rewards are earned.
  • Reward segments are earned per flight segment.
  • Your rewards number cannot be used to earn rewards in combination with another member or customer.
  • Charter bookings are not eligible to earn rewards or for redemption of rewards tickets.
  • Cancellation/No show policy applies to any Rewards tickets,
  • Rewards tickets may not be bartered or sold.
  • Rewards tickets have no cash value.  

The following types of tickets are not eligible to earn rewards:

  • Charter tickets
  • Unused tickets
  • Complimentary tickets
  • Non-revenue travel tickets
  • Reduced industry rate tickets
  • Tickets that do not display a fare
  • Any discount ticket deemed ineligible by Alaska Seaplanes

Alaska Seaplanes reserves the right to amend or delete any or all the means currently recognized for accruing rewards and to exclude specific types of transactions or tickets from the accumulation of rewards. Any violation or misuse of rewards will result in the forfeit of any earned rewards or accumulation of any rewards. Transferring rewards from one airline's frequent flyer program to another is not permitted.

This loyalty program supersedes any pre-existing program you may have participated in with Alaska Seaplanes. Any redemption of previously earned rewards you may still carry are set to expire on July 1, 2018.

The member must notify Alaska Seaplanes of any discrepancies in his or her account within one year of the activity date. The request and supporting documentation should be sent directly to rewards@flyalaskaseaplanes.com. Requests must include the member's name, Higher Flyer Rewards number and any or all supporting documentation for this discrepancy

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