Transportation of baggage provided by Air Excursions LLC and Kalinin Aviation LLC, including flights marketed as Alaska Seaplanes are allowed 50 pounds of checked baggage per ticketed passenger are subject to these rules.

All baggage flown on these carriers is considered checked baggage and all baggage is to be checked in at least 30 minutes prior to flight departure.  Baggage beyond 50 pounds per person is considered Excess Baggage - extra fees will apply and your excess baggage may not travel with you on the same flight.

Many everyday items are hazardous when transported by air, please check

Excess Baggage charges effective March 1, 2024:

To/ From Juneau
Price per Pound
Angoon                   $2.00
Elfin Cove                $2.00
Gustavus                 $1.35
Haines                     $1.35
Hoonah                    $1.35
Kake                        $1.35
Klawock                   $2.00
Pelican                     $2.00
Sitka                        $2.00
Skagway                   $1.65
Tenakee Springs        $2.00

Between Destinations
Haines/Skagway         $1.35
Kake/Sitka                 $1.35
Klawock/Sitka            $2.00
Potential Additional Charges are as follows:
Single piece Heavy Fee:
$25        51-70 pounds
$35        71-100 pounds
$45        101-150 pounds
Unboxed Bicycle
Hazardous Material

All baggage must be weighed. Each passenger is allowed 50 lbs. of baggage on a scheduled flight. Items over 50lbs are subject to excess baggage fees
Excess baggage is allowed, however, it may not fit on the same flight as the passenger and is subject to excess baggage fees.
Carry-on baggage is not permitted aboard any Alaska Seaplanes aircraft.
Large or heavy items such as golf clubs, coolers, steamer trunks, skis, bikes, and large pet carriers may not fit in our aircraft without prior planning. Special arrangements must be made for any oversized or overweight items. Please notify the local Alaska Seaplanes Station Manager or email for advance notice of necessary accommodations. 
The use of several smaller, soft sided bags is recommended for baggage.

Minor damage to luggage:  When Alaska Seaplanes has exercised an ordinary standard of care, it assumes no liability for incidental damage such as scuffs, dents, stains, and cuts that result from normal wear and tear. This release of liability includes damage to wheels or feet, or telescoping handles that are attached to the exterior of checked baggage. 

Any claims for damaged or mishandled baggage must be made by passengers within 24 hours of arrival time.

All fragile and/or perishable items must be declared and will be transported at passengers’ risk.

The following items are not covered for loss or damage as Baggage or Freight:

  • Antiques, heirlooms
  • Antlers, game trophies, pelts
  • Art objects, sculptures
  • Binoculars, telescopes, optical devices including eyeglasses
  • Business contracts, documents
  • Cameras, video, photo, and photographic equipment, camcorders, audio equipment, film, camera equipment
  • Cash, currency
  • Computers, monitors, televisions and related equipment
  • Furs, including coats, gloves, and hats
  • Historical artefacts
  • Human Organs
  • Irreplaceable books, publications, collectables such as baseball cards
  • Jewelery, watches
  • Keys
  • Medication
  • Negotiable papers
  • Original manuscripts
  • Personal electronic devices such as compact disks and video game cartridges
  • Precious metals, stones, or materials
  • Sales samples
  • Securities
  • Silverware                                                    

Hazardous Materials & Firearms:

Department of Transportation requires that all items considered or containing hazardous materials under must be declared at the time of check-in. Common hazard items include: Bear spray, batteries, explosives, combustibles and items containing flammables. Many everyday items are hazardous when transported by air, please check If you are unsure if your item contains hazardous materials ask a Customer Service Agent. Also, see CFR Title 49 Part 172. Hazmat fees may apply. 

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