Cessna 208B Grand Caravan

Alaska Seaplanes' Cessna 208B Grand Caravan's are the most powerful and capacious airplanes in the Juneau commuter market.  They are all equipped with a brand new 900 h.p. engine making our "Supervans" fly faster and further with more payload than the conventional "stock" Caravan.

With spacious and well appointed new interiors, our Supervan's carry up to nine passengers in comfort. And with a fully IFR capable Capstone avionics suite, our Supervan's offer unparalleled safety and reliability.

Our Supervan's large cargo pod is an ideal choice for sports teams, fishermen, skiers and snowboarders.  With a roughly 3,000 lb. useful load, the bigger engine, and the ability to clear out seats when needed, our Supervan is the best choice for serious freight hauling.  And because the engine's are new, it actually burns less fuel than a conventional Caravan, so we carry more freight at a lower per-pound cost! 

We have many options available in our fleet for your charter needs. Each aircraft has unique capabilities and capacity, with specific interiors to suit the job. Learn about each below.
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