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Alaska Seaplanes provides service up to 3 times daily in summer and 1-2 times weekly in winter. Charter service, weather permitting is also available.

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Situated on an isthmus separating Chatham Strait and the protected waters of Favorite Bay, Angoon has been a permanent settlement of the Kootznoowoo Tlingit people for centuries. Angoon is on Admiralty Island, most of which is covered by the Tongass National Forest.

About Angoon

Fortress of Brown Bears

With an indigenous history that dates back over 1,000 years, the culture of Angoon can be seen in the painted fronts of the village’s 16 tribal community houses and in the Tlingit name for the town.

Angoon is home to a dense population of wildlife. The name, Kootznoowoo, is translated from the word Xootsnoowú from the native language of the Tlingit tribe. The name means “fortress of brown bears” and is fitting as the region is inhabited by an estimated 1,600 brown bears. Angoon also has a dense population of Sitka black-tailed deer as well as the world’s highest density population of bald eagles. This makes bird watching a great opportunity in Angoon.

Many visitors to Angoon are day-trippers, arriving and departing from Juneau. For visitors seeking more than a day trip, there are two lodges in Angoon that offer all-inclusive packages including food and charter services. Also available, are U.S. Forest Service cabins that can be rented and reserved in advance. 

There are a variety of activities in Angoon. The village itself offers much to explore, such as Clan houses and their totems that serve as the backdrop for a rich and historic culture that continues to thrive. 

Angoon Activities

Getting to Angoon

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Unseen Alaska

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Unseen Alaska offers a unique experience whether you want to fish, explore a national forest, relax in hot springs, go kayaking, hike or pick fresh berries. These five community's streets aren’t cluttered with cars, but they are full of welcoming faces and warm places to enjoy the serene landscape.

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