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Perched on the open Pacific Ocean, surrounded by mountains and rich in history, Sitka is a treat for outdoor enthusiasts and culture seekers alike. The Tlingit people have called Sitka home for thousands of years. Russian settlers, led by Alexander Baranov (for whom Sitka’s Banarof Island is named) occupied Sitka in the early 1800s and established it as the capital of Russian America.

About Sitka

Paris of the Pacific

Sitka is an Alaskan town that will not disappoint. With its majestic mountain peaks, clear waters, lush forestry, and abundant wildlife, the community offers plenty to explore. A mix of Russian cultural influences and Tinglit heritage has given Sitka a rich culture and history. The Tlingit tribe has lived in Southeastern Alaska for thousands of years and tradition in Sitka is kept alive today.

Previously known as “Paris of the Pacific” for its high society culture, Sitka reflects part of its history through the arts. The Naa Kahidi Dancers are Tlingit performers of all ages that maintain the art of storytelling through dance. More dancers, the New Archangel Dancers, are an all-female dance troupe that perform in the summer and represent the Russian-American culture of Sitka.

Sitka Activities

  • Fishing & Hunting

    Fishing & Hunting

    There are plenty of charter operations and guided trips for fishing and hunting. If you are out on your own, be sure to check the current regulations with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. Memorial Day weekend is host to the annual Sitka Salmon Derby, an exciting competition with prizes awarded to contending fisherman.

  • Camping


    If you’re looking for a place to set up camp, check out Starrigavan Campsites. There are camping and cabin options from the US Forest Service worth looking into as well.

  • ATV Tours

    ATV Tours

    Sitka Alaska Outfitters is one option for ATV Tours. These tours take you out to Tongass National Forest on Kruzof Island for beautiful landscapes and wildlife sightings. Alaska ATV Tours is another provider of these excursions.

  • Parks


    A big highlight of Sitka is the Sitka National Historical Park. Check in with the Sitka Parks and Recreation Department for more suggestions.

    Find out more about Parks in Sitka »

  • Hiking


    There are a variety of hiking and biking trails. For some suggestions, take a look at Sitka’s Cross Trail, Mount Verstovia Trail, Harbor Mountain-Gavan Hill Trail, and Sitka National Historical Park.

    Find out more about Hiking in Sitka »

  • Art and Culture

    Art and Culture

    With the arts being such an important part of the culture in Sitka, the Sitka Summer Music festival is a great attraction for visitors. The annual music festival recently celebrated its 40th anniversary and always provides world-class chamber music.
    For more performing arts Sitka has the Naa Kahidi Dancers and the New Archangel Dancers that maintain the ancient art of storytelling through dance. The Naa Kahidi Dancers are Tlingit performers of all ages and the New Archangel Dancers are an all-female dance troupe that performs in the summer.
    Some of Sitka’s history can be explored in its architecture and parks. At Sitka National Park and Sitka Cultural Center, visitors can learn about the Tlingit people and their heritage. At the Sitka Cultural Center, visitors can see hand carved totems from the Tlingit people. A stroll downtown will lead to St. Michael’s Cathedral, a Russian Orthodox church with domes that make up part of the Sitka skyline.

Getting to Sitka

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